Everybody’s Fool

I can see them. Their eyes narrowing into slits and their lips pulling into smirks as their lies surround me. Realisation flickers through me, as I see you, your familiar face standing out amongst a sea of strangers.

In that single moment as I see you, my heart shatters; the fragile pieces that had been meticulously strung together by mere threads shattering into a million shards, each one sharp and glinting dangerously in the dim light. A single tear rolls down my cheek, crystalline and almost perfect as I search your expression.

Our eyes meet, and behind the cold, icy exterior, I can see glee; unreserved glee as your lips pull into a tight smirk. That one action is enough to make bile rise in my throat. The very idea that I had trusted you … That I had told you my deepest secrets and my darkest fears, now repulsed me.

I had no one now, I realised with a small, sad smile as I stared at the faces around me, my gaze dimming at every word that was spat out like poison. I raised a hand to wipe the lone year off my cheek, only to have the dam break lose as I collapsed onto the cold tiles, sobs wracking through my frame as I shielded myself from my oppressors.

You’d been my last inkling, my final, albeit desperate attempt at staying sane. You’d been that impenetrable fortress that had willingly sheltered me for so long. And now I could see why.

They’d always told me that the ones closest to us were the ones that hurt us the most. And for the first time; they’d never been more right.

Somehow, you had made me trust you; somehow, you’d snuck under my defences, and wrapped yourself around me like a security blanket. You’d gone to so much trouble, to such lengths, only to slip a knife between my ribs at the first moment you were close enough.

As I curled away from the world, I silently commended you. No one had thought to take me to the peak of happiness before dropping me, just to watch me nick, scratch and bruise myself as I scrabbled pathetically to help myself.

Until now, no one had thought about this method if torture. ‘It worked,’ I admitted grudgingly, blood seeping through my lips, staining my weak smile as I met your eyes again. The knife that was stuck, hilt-deep, in my chest was a testimony to it.

After all, not everyone had a Tormentor who had once been the centre of their world.


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