Daily Prompt: Something So Strong


It’d been years, really, since we’d first met.

Years since our paths had crossed, and our journeys muddling together until I couldn’t really tell whose journey we were on most of the time. It’d been years since we’d had those awkward, stuttering conversations that lasted no more than half-a-minute, or those cricket-chirp-filled hours of simply standing and staring into nothingness. It’s been years, and the memory fades as time goes by, but I can still feel the sharp emotion that cut through all else when I’d first met you.

An inky-black mop on your head, and eyes that flashed with every smile instilled an odd kind of fear in me, I’ll admit. Those were intelligent eyes, I warned myself, cautioning myself and doing my very best to keep a safe distance from you. But alas, like a moth to a flame, I was drawn into the oddness of emotion I felt around you; and that, simply put, was the moment I’d started gathering the courage to speak to you.

The first time I spoke to you; the words are a blur now, but it most certainly was nothing more than trivial sentences that had no further purpose than to fill the impeding silence. I still remember that for the longest time, I’d tried so very hard to be someone decent enough; someone another member of the human race wouldn’t mind talking to, until, of course, I realised that we were most realistically on the same wavelength.

The last conversation we had, not the final one; Christ no, still made me weep with laughter. There had been stares, and it had been a while since the conversation before that, but, as it were; it was like nothing had happened in those months of serene quietness. There was no dramatic change that made worry fluctuate through me, no awkward catch-ups that we stumbled through, because it hadn’t seemed to matter.

The laughter was new, fresh and completely breath-taking, and every inhalation sent a burning sensation that was well-worth the ache that rumbled through my bones at the slightest movement that was not relieving.

It was simple, but still one of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced.


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