And the judgement is this;
Though the light has come into the world,
People have preferred Darkness to the light,
Because their deeds were Evil.


Chaos reigns, the world falls to pieces, and yet nothing we do can save us. None of our pretty words make a difference, not when the routine habits that have been hammered into us keep us planted in the past. No matter who speaks out, somehow miraculously snapping out of the harness and seeing through the haze, they are cut down. Some might embrace them, opening their eyes to see what others cannot; but the majority, those who are afraid of seeing too far ahead; those afraid of the unknown will band together in a show of strength, pushing back those who try to break free and forcing them back into the lives of straight suits and picket fences.

Though we may band together when trouble approaches, pushing past old problems and seeing past the mundane fights, we are still unable to forget the mishaps. We are unable to truly see past the past and forge a new road to the future. Or perhaps, it is only the faint-hearted, those who wear their hearts on their sleeves that ‘forgive and forget,’ as the saying goes.

Sparks of light shining bright and alone in the darkness of our mistakes, sprinkled through our histories like stars, have come and gone. People who have made differences, large and small. We may not know them all, not by name, or even by face, but they are there. Despite all the constrictions around them, they push out, palms flat against the walls of society as they try to break the walls that keep us all divided.

It isn’t the big acts that keep our world together, it’s the small ones, the ones that most people think don’t matter. It’s the smile you give that harried woman as you hand over her purchases, the hand you lend the elderly man to walk him across the street to the bench he always sits at, it’s the change you drop into the torn paper cup that makes that scruffy person grunt in acknowledgement. Not everyone is meant to strengthen the world as a whole; most of us aren’t even meant to strengthen our own families alone, but we’re all here to change something.


Or perhaps, asking this is too much, after all; none of us like our regimens and our routines changed for someone else. Not when our worlds revolve around us, which is a truth that most people wouldn’t be able to deny. Our lives are ours. We slave to bring things to ourselves; money, family, and love.

So perhaps a change of perspective is in order.

Don’t we all want ourselves plastered amongst the stars? Don’t we all want to be the protagonists in the scripts of our lives? If that is the case, then what kind of lead would one be if there were no decent scenes in the script? If there were no side characters?

A dull movie that would turn out to be, no?

Chaos reigns, and the world falls to pieces; these pretty words are whispers that cannot be heard, and these changes are perhaps the gates to a world no one has dared to open fully.

And perhaps for good reason.


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