The silence is deafening, isn’t that the saying? But the truth is, that the silence is bliss. It is a warm blanket that surrounds me; like a mother’s hug, or maybe like the caress of a lover. The silence shatters when the sound of breathing is heard; breathing that is not my own, and breathing that is forcibly soft, a desperate try to not break the façade I’ve created around me. The moment the breathing is gone, my world is a paradise of my choosing once more. In my paradise, I’ve created and endless array of all things wonderful and nonsensical; all things materialistic and satisfying to the sliver of human that resides inside me.

In all of this, I am alone.

I am alone by choice, of course. Somewhere in the recesses of my imagination, there should be enough to create people; mindless, silent passer-by’s, but still people. The choice to be alone is a safe; my last line of defence against the words and opinions that are hurled through today’s society like bullets. Perhaps the choice to stay alone would ignite more of these opinions, but at least there would be no one there to drag me down, and better yet, no one for me to hold back. Alone keeps me from the extra baggage people bring along, and alone shelters me from the raindrops that are conversations and opinions.

Alone is, ironically, my only companion, and despite all the words that hurtle past me, and the opinions and decisions that are dropped around me like bombs, with the crowds running for shelter, alone keeps me safe.

Alone is what I have, and alone protects me.


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