Memory on the Menu


It is undoubtedly an odd subject, if one were to think about it. Psychologically speaking, it is the way the human mind encrypts, stores, and later retrieves information. People will say that the best way to remember something exactly as one first saw it, one would have to refresh said memory periodically. Over time, this method may keep the memory intact; details where they should be, and therefore keep the memory vivid within the confines of said person’s mind.

But is that really what we want?

The question that arises is one that asks that do we fawn over the memory, or do we fawn over the fact that we can remember the memory? This tests us by making us wonder if we want the clear-cut memories, or if we want something that we could not attain. The sentimental nature humans, in general, submit to ensures that we will often always retain some sort of memory to everything that we do.

In most conversations, remembering a memory as a group, be it a sad memory or a happy memory, generally brings the group closer together. The simple fact that every member of the group remembers the memory, no matter how blurry or how faded, is enough to instil a feeling of companionship and belonging. Remembering memories in crystal-clear detail, however always leads to other (sometimes negative) feelings.

The crystal-clear memory of events, and that have been resolved at the time tend to bring back the heightened emotions one would have felt at the time. These emotions may catch one off-guard, and are not as easy to shake off as one might think. The cloudy memories, whether they are sad ones, happy ones, or even angry ones, are simply that; they are blurred and disjointed. They might trigger other memories that are newer, and therefore more vivid, but on their own, they are relatively harmless, and are often dulled down over time.

Smiles will fade, and anger will seep out of these memories, and sadness will leak from them until there is only a hint of these emotions left in them. One might even say that these are the best sort of memories to have; memories where little to no resentment exists, and where regardless of anything that happened within them, breaks the walls between people and brings them together.


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