Trick Questions – The Complete post

I am no reporter, as is obvious, and therefore, I will make it no secret that I have no idea how these ‘interviews’ work.

I do, however, understand the pain of the twisted questions people often put to each other.

Quite possibly the first question I wouldn’t want anyone, regardless of talent at the language or otherwise, asking me, would be;

            How would you describe yourself?

This is one of the hardest questions I would have to answer, or perhaps I simply always read too much into it. The truth is, this question is one that has many answers, and as always, depends on how the questioner understands the reply he is given. Describing oneself would no doubt bring out the darkest in you, as these are always simpler to acknowledge and point out than the light, that would make it look like you were praising yourself.

These darker points about yourself always lead people to believe the worst about you, and that is most definitely a road you would never want anyone to follow.

The second, is perhaps the most asked, and perhaps has the most number of lies given as an answer in reply to it.

            How’re you feeling today?

Except for the cases in injury (though even then, there may be some exceptions) the most atypical reply would be the classic ‘I’m fine,’ or any other form of the same answer. This atypical response has been so over-used, that even when the truth is that you are indeed ‘fine’, your reply will be doubted, and that black smudge on your initial impression on someone would be a taint that you would be hard-pressed to remove.

The last question that makes my tongue dry and throat enclose upon itself is simpler in nature than most choices, and perhaps it is in its simplicity therein lies my complication.

            Tell me more about what you do.

This is, in fact, not a question, per se. However, it never forgets to make my throat dry, and my tongue fold in on itself. I won’t question that perhaps (more like obviously) the viewer (that’s you, yeah) has a different set of questions that make your shirt collar dampen and your breathing quicken, and maybe this ‘tale’ is a little too long, but chances are given, and I hope you’ll give me one. 


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