One Plus Two Equals Three

I am the pleased owner of a relatively small playlist of songs, and of those selections, there are always a few that stand out to me at any given time. My playlist, as opposed to most of my teenage peers, are filled with songs that are no longer played on the radio, mostly due to their genre, as most stations (at least where I am from) tend to play pop-orientated music as the norm. a small faction of my friends, which comprises of only one other person, appears to be on the same wavelength as myself in terms of song choices.

My favourite choices come from an odd, I think, mix of alternative rock, pop rock, punk rock, indie rock and the occasional power ballad. An odd recipe for an odd person, don’t you think? In my earlier years, I’d always shunned myself and kept my opinions about music to myself, but now, I can safely say that I don’t care for other opinions unless you’re going to give me a song suggestion that I’m going to enjoy. But, I digress. And now, on with this … thing.

One of these songs (at least for now) is the ‘Always’ by Bon Jovi.

This is a song that makes me want to throw my head back and belt out the lyrics like I have the voice to do so. It is also a song that appeals to the sliver of myself I still consider human. Regardless of what anyone else thinks about this song, it will hold a special place in my heart, even if I stop listening to it (which may happen sometime in a few weeks, perhaps,). It is songs like this that change me as a person; and even after almost eighteen years on this planet, listening to sounds and noises, I still do not know why.

The second of these songs, is the song ‘Shouldn’t Be Good In Goodbye’ by John Walker.

I was shocked, to say the least, when I realised that the artist of this song did not have a Wikipedia page that I could do ‘research’ on, and that there is nothing but a few measly lines on the page that does exist. This is a song that makes me croon, swoon and want to fall onto a cloud made of marshmallows (I do apologise for the childish streak that has begun appearing again).

I don’t know how many people do know about this song, but once again, regardless of any other opinions, I will continue to enjoy this song and the voice that I think should be more known than the voices I painstakingly listen to on the radio due to my sisters and their eight-year-old off-key sing-a-longs.

The third song is a mix, or perhaps a genre that I would like to celebrate.

Indie rock.

Ever since discovering this genre on YouTube, I’ve come to nurse a soft spot for all things indie, though I understand that this is sometimes dangerous.

Ahh, look at the time, it says here that my fifteen minutes are up, and I do apologise for the sudden cut off in my … thing.

Please, don’t flame me for my choices, and please leave a comment or a like if you want more from me.

~ dx0330


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