The Serial Killer

I can hear the footsteps.

I can hear the breathing.

I can feel the trickle of sweat as it rolls down my forehead.

The darkness is so perfect that even after so long, my eyes have not yet adjusted to the lack of light in the room. My tongue can’t wet my lips, and my bruised fingers can do nothing to soothe the ache of the thick ropes at my wrists. My thighs are trembling with strain, and tears threaten to fall from my eyes as I try to find you in the darkness.

A small window cracks open, and in that god-sent streak of light, I manage to find you.

Blood drips sluggishly down the side of your face, and I can’t seem to make my lips form words to speak to you. My throat is stuck, a burning sensation striking me whenever I try to speak, as if someone has shoved an invisible fist down my windpipe to gag me. I try to tell you that there is light, that we could find somewhere with warmer stone than the ice we have been lying on.

The metal screeches as the door opens, and I twist pathetically, choking on air as the cane lands on my skin. Even through the haze of pain, I look at you, and I finally realise that your skin is paler than I’ve ever seen it, and that your body is contorted in a way you would never have been able to hold.

When the darkness returns to me, I collapse, weakened by the beating and I prepare myself for the new bruises that will form over the older ones, though they had already started to blur into one another a long while ago. Somehow, I manage to croak your name out, gasping for breath as my lungs refuse to work and despite the bonds that keep me separated from you, I struggle to make my way towards you.

My throat is dry, and tears spill uselessly from my eyes, though they wash the grime off my cheeks and stain my lips as I inch painfully towards you.

It takes me a while to realise that you are no longer there, and even then, I pray that you are somewhere better. Somewhere you deserve to be.

Raw, screeching screams sound faintly around me, and there is a pain in my throat that I have never felt before. I know that I’m on my knees, and that’s when, in the thicket of my thoughts, I realise that I’m the one screaming.

The window cracks open, and my screams, regardless of the pain, intensify when I see the writhing white on you in the stream of light. Shouting ensues, and I can barely keep myself from breaking my wrists when the canes return.

They beat me until I quieten, until I am flinching in pain but no longer screaming because I can’t help but sob, and then they pull me. They cut my wrists free, and grab my arms individually as they yank the door open, and drag me out into the light.

No edits, no changes made once I finished writing it. Please leave a comment about whether I should have reviewed it (Just wanted to try this out … still don’t know why) and please let me know if I have to improve on anything in particular (because I definitely have to improve on everything)

~ dx0330


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