Gone With The Windfall


Inheriting a million dollars from an unknown source? That’s certainly something that worked out in my favour, isn’t it?

I suppose it would be nice to see a fat little bank account every time I checked it, but obviously, after these years of arduous ‘torture’ I certainly must treat myself to something, wouldn’t I? Or perhaps that is the norm of the world, and so, like a good soldier, I shall follow the ‘Unspoken Order’.

Treating myself to something with a million dollars in the bank? One would think that I would splurge on something useless … maybe a Fazioli, even though I’m perfectly happy with my gifted upright at home? Or perhaps a boat that I’d never ride in, seeing that I’d prefer sitting in to write rather than ‘soak up the sun’?

I would, very seriously, say that I would spend the money on a book; not ‘books’ but ‘book’.

It might be far from the expectations of others, but at least I would be pleased with my decision … well … as pleased as a pessimist can get, at least.


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