Changing Moccasins

I wonder what we’re doing here, I ponder as I let him take my hand. It’s been over a month since it happened, and a lump forms in my throat as I force the tears away from my eyes.


Children walk past me as I knit the sweater, cold air stinging my cheeks as I finish the last of my wool on something that I hope will fit my grandson.


I’m surprised that she’s agreed to come with me, I think as I take her hand, tears dripping down my cheeks. It’s been forty-five days since she had a miscarriage.

I figured that I’d try out limiting myself to a hundred words just to see where it took me. 

Please leave a comment telling me if I should have extended it … or … if you think I should improve on something desperately (Because I do have much to improve on)



4 thoughts on “Changing Moccasins

  1. I like it! I haven’t been writing very long but I do some of the flash fiction challenges. I find it hard to write more than 100-200. I need to practice writing longer ones. I am so behind because of time gone to visit my Dad, so just finished this assignment tonight. Check it out, let me know what you think.

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