Size Matters (Or Does It?)

It wasn’t a big house, by any means, and certainly not a house that stood out in the rows of identical, cream-white strips that lined the streets.

The windows were tinted black, and at the age of twelve, I wasn’t the brightest star in the sky, and nor was I the sharpest tool in the box. I didn’t know what wall-paint meant, and I didn’t titter over the fact that my bedroom (one I still shared with my mum) was always clean in the morning, and in shambles by the time I turned in for the night.

There were four rooms there, though two of them weren’t used for the purposes their furniture stated. One was a bedroom-turned-playroom-turned-study. And the other was a bedroom that was used when that odd blue moon rose instead of our usual one.

The kitchen was small, cramped, and always in use. There’d always be someone in there, be it making a drink, preparing lunch, actually cooking lunch, or heating leftovers up. Surprisingly, I’d never noticed the gas stove running out. Though in more recent years, I’ve been more than prone to seeing these things happen.

It may not have been a big house to many, but it was always bursting at the seams, always happy, and always full.


5 thoughts on “Size Matters (Or Does It?)

  1. I liked our story, because it’s short and to the point. Sometimes less is more and that’s what I thought when reading this one. I read a few others before your and yours was the best. I would have only changed a few words, but nothing else. After you said that you “weren’t the brightest star in the sky,” I would take out the word “and,” you don’t need it because you already have “nor” there. Good writing.

    1. True … haha, sorry ’bout that, I don’t proof-read my writing before publishing … a fatal flaw of sorts, I think. But thank you so much for the lovely feedback (and comment), I would have never have seen that, ^_^” … I’m glad you enjoyed it, 🙂 … Mine was the best? I sincerely doubt it, but still, thank you for the lovely words.
      You’ve made my day (yesterday, since it’s too early in the morning for anything for me)

      1. Yes your’s was really the best the other one’s were too long and wordy and didn’t keep my interest, and yes I hate proof reading too, as you can see that I made a mistake when replying back to you. Shazza

      2. Well, thank you for the lovely feedback~ 🙂 I hope that you’ll keep reading my writing? And if you do, I do hope that you keep enjoying it~

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