You’ll Always Find Your Way Back

The first book fair I went to was a glorious thing.

No one expected me to say much, and I spent the better part of the day hunting down books and sneaking away from my aunt to read them. And to me, that was the best thing in the world.

Like clockwork, every time the fair was in town, I’d go with my aunt (because she worked in the building in front of said warehouse and she’d get free parking). I rarely bought books there, seeing as I managed to finish them before we left, and the memory of the books I’d read there at the back of my mine never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Then, tragedy strikes, and reality impales me like a knife to the chest.

They’d cancelled the book-fair, because, let’s face it, not many people enjoy reading books, and the ones who do have discovered tablets and PDF’s … or whatever it is they use.

I remember almost crying, and feeling that way for weeks after, simply because I hadn’t had my share of books, and books were (are) to expensive to get unless they were on an extreme sale.

I’m still waiting for that particular retailer to bring the fair back, but sadly, I’ve faced the reality that it’s not going to happen.


14 thoughts on “You’ll Always Find Your Way Back

  1. Enjoyed it. I have these same thoughts when I sit in a practically empty public library sometimes wondering just how long we will still have them available to us. Everything today is on the internet, books can be downloaded a lot quicker than driving or, heaven forbid, walking to the library. Thanks for sharing

      1. Ah…I thought so. I could “hear” your youth in this piece. I love it that you would sneak away and read; that’s awesome. I also love it that you fell in love with books.
        Keep writing…this story shows you have a knack for it and as with everything, practice makes perfect.
        Double check your spelling. (Sometimes my spelling is so poor my spell check shrugs!)
        Mistaken words– (mine should be mind). One such error can make the reader stumble and the flow of your words to hit a speed bump.
        Good job!

      2. … Thanks for the review … yeah … I probably should make a habit of reading through my pieces once I’m done, but unfortunately, I have this God-awful habit of hitting ‘Publish’ the minute I write the last line down. But yes, I’ll keep at it (practising, I mean), and try my best to stop creating speed-bumps.

      3. You will do well. I have the same inclination–to hit “send” too soon when I send my column to my editor. Thankfully, I have proof readers to send it to, so my trigger finger isn’t always fatal.
        I look forward to reading more of your stuff.

  2. Very good take on this assignment! As an AVID reader, I can relate. I remember when they took away the Bookmobile when I was in 8th grade. I was literally devastated. I had my money saved up and ready to spend – when we received word that the Bookmobile was to be no more. *Sigh* The good, old days…

    ~ Angela

  3. “I managed to finish them before we left” I totally used to do that, too – I thought I was the only one. 🙂 I’d go into a bookstore just to look at stuff and finish a book.

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