Offside Memories


Well, in the true spirit of the World Cup season (not that I’m a fanatic, or a crazy fan in any way), I’ll say that football is rightly dubbed ‘The Beautiful Game’.

And like all events where emotions run high, and bets (real ones … involving lots of money) are made … well … we can safely say that it’s not going to be beautiful all the time.

There are moments of course, where the respect on the pitch is unparalleled (to me, at least) and the true camaraderie between the players is an eye-opening, tear-jerking sight.

In the last World Cup, I’d nearly cried when Germany lost out to Spain in the Semi-final round, leaving them to beat Uruguay for third place. I’d not been a real fan of football when watching the league games; seeing as I’d never bothered to figure out what the heck ‘offside’ was, and never really understanding a lot of the logic that went on.

But that was a match that had me nearly in tears, as I’d stuck with Germany right from the group stages when I’d (jokingly … though it stuck) agreed to support the German side alongside a cousin of mine, and I’d invested a lot of emotion and near-heart-attacks (and brain-power, trying to figure out who was who) during the course of their matches.

Somewhere along writing this, I’ve come to realise that this is probably one of the weakest memories anyone could have, but I’ll stick by it and say that it’s easily the best (and worst) memory of the World Cup so far.

(Though Spain losing out to both Holland and Chile are coming in at a close second)

(Wait a second … Germany and Ghana drawing is edging Spain out of the line-up)

(Sorry … I’ll get my straight-jacket back on now)


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