Lose Myself

I can feel the sun, warming me from the inside out. 

I can see laughter on your face, a reckless smile on your lips, and it’s enough to make me as happy as you are. 

I lose myself in your eyes; wide and bright and glowing. 

What can I say? You draw me in, and I can’t seem to turn away.

You’re the wilderness to a traveller, and at the same time, a crowd to an introvert; a confusing blend that leaves me breathless, and somehow always wanting more.

And despite it all, you keep me right by your side. 


2 thoughts on “Lose Myself

  1. Vanessa who thinks your writing is lovely and also has hair. On her head not your writing. Or does it? Okay, your writing has hair on their heads. But do they have heads? Okay they have heads. DECAPITATED HEADS WOOHOO says:

    Lovely, like snapshots of a long day. All pinned up on a cork board, creating this seemingly chronological yet random array of emotion.

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