Something New, and Something Old

I remember finding you the first time,

You were cold, frightened and fierce. 

You definitely made me feel frightened, 

But somehow, I managed to bring you home. 


You didn’t want the warm milk I poured out for you, 

Neither did you want the strips of chicken I plucked out of my dinner for you. 

After a few hours of trying to satiate you and silence the pitiful wails you made, 

I left you in a tumble of warm, fresh towels. 


When I saw you the next morning, 

Having made up my mind that you would have slipped through the window I’d left very slightly open that night,

It was a surprise. 


You were purring, drinking from the fresh water in your little plastic bowl, 

Looking for all the world like you’d been here from the day you were born. 


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