Greetings, Stranger


“I’ve been looking for you,”

A smirk dances on my lips, and I swirl the remnants of my coffee around the bottom of my mug before taking another sip of the bitter liquid. “Looking for me?” the hulking man nods shortly, and I swallow the simultaneous urge to both laugh and run screaming from the small café. “Well, you’ve found me,” I look up to meet piercing blue eyes, and I watch as his pupils dilate, his breathing grow noisier and his fingers tighten on his arms. 

“Have I really?” his words hit something in me, but I shrug the sensation off. “Were you supposed to?” he seems almost confused by the question, and I the smirk on my lips widens until I feel as though my face is going to snap into two. “Were you supposed to find me,” I clarified, taking another sip of coffee that was cooling down too quickly for my liking. 

“I don’t know,” for the first time since I’d seen this particular stranger, he looked uncertain. I rolled my eyes at his answer, maintaining the façade I’d dug up for him. I waited a few more minutes in perfect silence; other patrons bustling around us and filling the air with meaningless chatter and noise as I waited for him to speak. 

Or was he waiting for me to speak? In the end, it didn’t matter to me either way. I stood up calmly, setting the porcelain mug on the table before getting off my seat and tossing a generous tip onto the table. 

“Then find me when you do.”


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