Automatic | The Soulful Machine


The most human machine I own?

Well, not really mine, seeing as its my dad’s twenty-two year old, second-hand car. (Yes, it’s older than I am)

It’s gorgeous, honestly, with paint that’s a shade darker than the sky on a sunny day, and a wonderful four-ring on the front and back (yes, it’s an Audi, yes, it’s old, and yes, it’s a right pain in the behind).

It’s got a few quirks, a real attitude problem, and when you compare it to any car that’s new, it’s ridiculously expensive to maintain. When you think about it, it just might be that continentals aren’t made for tropical weather, and therefore, well … that’s rather self-explanatory, yes?

A/N: I made this blog thinking I could hide myself … weird, I know … but I’ve ended up spilling so much more than I ever thought possible … including this little piece in bold. Well, anyway, please leave a comment or a like (If you want to, and if you did), they make my day (honest) and … well, thanks for reading! ~ dx0330


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