Embrace The World In Grey

If I write this list to celebrate three songs that I’ve fallen in love with, then I will be hard-pressed to make a decision.

I will mention that this list is in no particular order, or perhaps, by writing them down, I will discover which means more to me than the others.

Thinking about my favourite songs now, I would be lost if I wasn’t to mention this one in particular. It’s an old choice, one that I’ve learned, mastered, and twisted on the piano since learning it almost five (or maybe even six) years ago. The title I remember is ‘Valse Lente’ by Vaughan Williams and though I never did, and quite possibly never will know what it means, I doubt that I’ll forget how to play what I consider as my all-time favourite piece.

The next song, I believe, would most certainly have to be one that is a more recent acquisition. ‘Shadow of the Day’ by Linkin Park. It isn’t a new song, and I will say that I don’t care much for the newer songs, but it is one that strikes something deep inside me every time I listen to it. Yes, the song might not be speaking of the most pleasant of things, but it is beautiful in it’s conception and melody, and one that I find … soothing, and one that has helped me through a lot.

The third song. Ah, there are quite a number that vie for a place on this list, and there are many that could replace this song, I think, on this list. But the fact is that I have listed this song here, and it is Ludovic Einaudi’s ‘I Giorni’. It is a soft, simple piano melody that brings my mind to peace and calms me down at the worst of time. It brings me to a different state of mind, and lifts me from the one I normally burrow myself into.


4 thoughts on “Embrace The World In Grey

  1. This might be stupid but “Valse Lente” sounds a lot like Dutch and has a meaning in my language. If it’s Dutch then it literally means: Fake Spring or it could mean “Vicious Spring” depending on the mood of the song. By all means, I don’t know the song and its interpretation but that’s what it means in my language. 🙂

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