Death To Adverbs?

It’s large and bright, but still somehow warm and cosy.

There aren’t too many people, which is relieving, but there are far too many tables to choose from now, which isn’t.

The smile on the wide face of the cheery waitress is welcoming, and I’m hard-pressed to not return the gesture as I find a table by the window.

When she brings the coffee over, it’s entrance is hailed by a thick, bitter, and absolutely brilliant scent that makes my mouth water.

She’s careful with the tray, as if she’s afraid that she’ll spill something if she’s too fast, but when she brings it over, all is forgotten and I revel in the warmth of the beverage.

The cafe is quiet for the most part, and when I leave, it is with a light peace inside me that I’ve not quite felt before.


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